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CODIX Strengthens Security Standards with ISO 27001:2022 Certification

CODIX is pleased to announce its latest achievement of ISO 27001:2022 certification, underscoring our unwavering commitment to security and excellence.

ESG-Adopting Organizations to Gain Easier Financing Access

Receivables finance industry is configured as a key element capable of offering easier access to credit for many businesses that are struggling in the current economic context.

Vendor Programs: Helping the Equipment Finance Industry Face the Challenge of Higher Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

Risks to financial stability are growing rapidly as rising inflation and fragmentation risks test the adaptive capacities of the global financial system.

Codix SA receives a silver medal in EcoVadis sustainability rating

CODIX SA is proud to have obtained a silver medal from the world provider of business sustainability ratings – EcoVadis.

CODIX Partners with Lenvi to Combat Fraud

The global software provider CODIX has entered into a strategic partnership with Lenvi, a fintech specialising in B2B consumer and commercial lending software and solutions.

AI in Receivables Finance – Hopes and Fears

Financial institutions are looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity, especially in volatile times.

“Cracking the Case by Finding the Right Solution is Always Rewarding”

I was lucky to find a job at CODIX with a profile that might be the exact opposite of what one would expect a business analyst to be like.

How to Boost Sustainable Financing through the Different Options of Leasing and Credit Green Finance?

Discover sustainable financing in leasing and credit green finance. Explore green bonds, EU taxonomy, incentives, and approaches.

What is the Outlook for the Economy and the Receivables Finance Industry? Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

The world economy is facing a number of turbulent challenges. Inflation that is higher than seen in several decades, tightening financial conditions ...

New Free Course for Junior Devops Engineer with PHP

New course for Junior Devops Engineer with PHP, organized in collaboration between CODIX and Code Academy, starts on 15 February 2023.

New Free Course for Junior Front-end Developers

The new season of the specialized course for Junior Web Front-end Developers, organized in collaboration between CODIX and Code Academy, starts on 15 February 2023.


CODIX is my first employer in the IT field. Before I started working here, I studied Java for about a year. Before that I worked for 9 years in a bank as an office manager.

Banks in the eurozone will need to develop strategies to account for climate change risks

Europe has been gripped by an unusual drought in recent months, with record high temperatures in many places, putting many countries' energy systems to the test.

New Free Course For Junior Web BACK-END Developer With SQL, PL/SQL, PRO*C, C and C++

The new season of the specialized course for Junior Web Back-end Developer with SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C, C and С++, organized in collaboration between CODIX and Code Academy, starts on 19 September 2022.

Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring Extends the Cooperation with CODIX

Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring’s has launched a Pan-European factoring platform running on CODIX’s software solution iMX.

Digitalisation of the financial sector: CODIX sets foot in Morocco

Morocco has developed as a regional business center and enjoys a stable and active economy. In this context, digitisation remains one of the main priorities for the financial sector.

CODIX Supports The Automobile Raid 4l Trophy 2022

Four students, 3rd year in the Faculty of Medicine in Nice, France, have engaged in the 2022 4L Trophy automobile raid.

Third season of the programming course for Junior WEB Back-end Developer with Java, Spring BOOT, SQL and PL/SQL

The third season of the specialized course of CODIX and Code Academy for Junior WEB Back-end Developer with Java, Spring BOOT, SQL and PL/SQL begins in May.

Ukraine conflict – Impact on receivables finance

The factoring and receivables finance industry, like all other sectors of the economy, is facing a new challenge that will inevitably cause a new shake and the need for rapid adaptation to new rules and regulations.

New Course For Junior QA Specialist Of Codix And Code Academy

In March, the second season of the specialized course of CODIX and Code Academy in manual software testing Junior QA Specialist begins.

The Future Of The Receivables Finance Industry Is Green

Green deal, green transition, circular economy, sustainable finance – how does all this affect economies in general, and in particular, the receivables finance industry?

Feeling The Urgency: How New Technology Will Reshape Asset-Based Lending

In a Q&A for ABF Journal, experts from technological companies explore how the asset-based lending industry’s relationship with emerging technologies is evolving.

What was the role of credit guarantees for leasing and credit finance during the crisis?

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, a crisis which has shaken the world, the leasing and credit institutions were left with many questions, such as how to manage liquidity in these difficult times.

Will factoring and receivables finance companies show quick reflexes in the context of a global energy crisis?

The economic climate, caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, continues to pose enormous difficulties for a number of economic activities and entire business sectors, including receivables finance industry.

Take Advantage Of Our New Free Course For BACK-END Junior Developers

The next course, inspired and fully financed by CODIX, is coming soon! Start your career in our company as a Back-end Junior Developer with SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C, C and C ++!

Is the global liquidity crisis coming to an end with IMF support?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has taken a decision to allocate Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) for the amount of USD 650 billion, which comes into force on 23 August 2021.


“Our ambition for the future is to continue to position ourselves in financial markets as the leading software package, without geographical limitations”

Start Your Career At Codix With Our Free Web Back-End And Qa Courses

CODIX and CODE ACADEMY are launching new FREE courses followed by a job opportunity.

Organizations Need New Strategies on the Long Road to Recovery

The economic disruptions caused by the pandemic have put many companies in hot water, which has had a huge effect and far-reaching consequences for the global economy and global markets.

Factoring Is A Tool To Support The Economy In The Covid Crisis, A Perspective From France

Coronavirus pandemic is a word that was quite far from most of everyone’s concern in the past but has now become part of our daily life through COVID-19.

How will Covid-19 impact the present and future of the leasing industry?

HOW CAN WE PREVENT THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF THECOVID-19 PANDEMIC on the expected economic performance linked to the leasing business from the point of view of the lessor and the lessee?

Meet Yoana Miltenova

I have focused my career on the world of finance, starting with a degree in International Finance & Trade from the University of Portsmouth, England, followed by practical experience in the banking sector.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

We are already living in a new business reality, driven by a number of unprecedented global events.

Welcome to the first graduates from CODIX Code Academy for Back-end Developers

We are very happy to announce that the first 6-month free course from the joint initiative of CODIX and Code Academy has successfully ended.

A conversation with Laurent Tabouelle, COO of CODIX Group

An interview given for the Portuguese Association of Leasing, Factoring and Renting – ALF, May-June 2020

Meet Marusya Nenova

I am on my fourth year working for CODIX as a Factoring Business Analyst. Prior to that I used to work at Société Générale Factoring SA and UniCredit Factoring as a Relationship Manager Corporate Clients.

Is AI The Magical Solution For Shaping SCF?

Today, AI is proving popular as a cash forecasting tool, where the technology is enabling treasurers to make more informed decisions based on AI-generated predictions on future cash flows.

Pay-Per-Use: The Challenges For Consumption-Based Leasing In A Tech-Driven World

The advancement of technology in recent years has opened the door to many alternative business models which were previously thought impractical or even impossible.

Meet Georgi Kudinev

I’ve graduated Computer Sciences from Sofia University. When I was 4th grade student with less than 2 years of experience I started work at CODIX as a Software Developer.

How AI divides opinion in supply chain finance industry

The use of AI in SCF has divided opinion at the last SCF Forum Europe with industry leaders unable to agree on whether it will live up to the hype surrounding its potential.

Fraud Prevention: Why It Matters?

In the global race for excellence and industrial leadership business crimes continue to be a serious problem for organizations worldwide, with most of the fraud remaining undetected.

Technological Perspectives for the Financial Industry

Technologies reveal enormous potential and are a method of improving the quality of financial services, which is why huge investments are being made in this direction.

The income of the top 100 software companies in Bulgaria nearly tripled over 7 years

In 2018, the income of the top 100 software companies in Bulgaria increased by 25% per annum, reaching BGN 2,19 billion, and it has nearly tripled when compared with 2011 according to data from consultancy company CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co.

CODIX Is Among The Top Prominent Players For The Global Debt Collection Services Market

New Market Research on Global Debt Collection Services Market 2019 released by Market Research Store offers predictions for Global Debt Collection Services Forecast till 2025 and identifies CODIX as one of the top prominent players for the industry.

Debt Management Software Market Size, Growth, Trends

CODIX is one of the leading players in the Global Debt Management Software Market, according to report of QYResearch, published in BBC NEWS MEDIA, 30th September 2019.

CODIX Is One Of The Key Players In The Commercial Loan Software Market

Ample Market Research has evaluated the Commercial Loan Software Market study with an in-depth overview, describing the Product/Industry Scope and elaborated market outlook and status to 2023.

CODIX and Tradetech – Looking Beyond 2019

Laurent Tabouelle, COO of CODIX, gave an interview for Trade Finance Talks – their first ever podcast from Trade Finance Global about the advances in software and technology within the corporate finance and factoring sector.

The digital transformation in the financial sector is irreversible

The digital transformation in the financial sector is irreversible and at the center of the digital transformation should be people as employees and clients.

The World Factoring Industry is now a $3 Trillion Business

For the first time since factoring data has been compiled, the global factoring industry exceeded $3 Trillion in worldwide volume in a single year.

Satisfy Clients And Regulators Using Software

Clients ask agencies and law firms to collect on delinquent accounts while preserving their relationship with the consumer.

Ilia Kirilov, Shortlisted for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award

A dozen companies from the French Riviera are among the nominees for the 2018 Southeast edition of the Entrepreneur EY Award.

Top Technology Partners Reveal Latest Technology

A healthy relationship with technology partners can lighten the workload collection professionals must bear on a daily basis.

CODIX Named One Of The Top 100 Software Companies In Bulgaria

The last few years have seen rapid and positive developments in the software industry in Bulgaria.

CODIX Focuses On The German Market

The international software provider CODIX wants to expand its involvement in the German Speaking area (DACH).

A white paper written for LendIt Europe 2017

When you mean business, time is the ultimate luxury to afford. Yet, businesses in financial services, including even market leaders are seen taking time mulling over when to replace their IT applications.

Software Providers Keep Up With Demands

The Secured Lender’s Senior Editor Eileen Wubbe spoke with software providers to the ABL industry to hear their take on trends, technology advancements, fintech and their clients’ needs.

Why Factors Could Snuff Out Invoice Auction Vendors

Why Factors Could Snuff Out Invoice Auction Vendors

Can factors reinvigorate their product line to compete with spot auction vendors, dynamic discounting, and others?

Supply Chain Finance Moves Beyond the Standalone

Banks and suppliers have been talking up end-to-end supply chain finance solutions for a number of years now, but in order to make that happen it was essential to have a strong platform to pull together

Achieving efficiency in a new dimension

Could you achieve benefits just by simplifying the business without a single system?

Meet Teodor Stoyanov

Meet one of our employees. And learn about him and his work in Factoring business department

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