Our strategy is to deliver the best debt collection, commercial and consumer finance software on the market

CODIX Commercial finance and collection software strategy

Continuous investment in our imx solution

Following its business philosophy - to create long term partnerships with its clients, accompanying them in their growth and in their transitions, CODIX enriches the iMX solution constantly with new standard features which become available for all of the Clients immediately via ad-hoc releases.

As a result, the iMX’s functional coverage is constantly increased by CODIX’ investments in its software solution and by the efforts and knowledge of our Experts (CODIX staff is dedicated to the development, maintenance, support and implementation of the iMX solution), in order to anticipate, the market needs as much as possible.

This rate of 100% successful long-term partnership with our Clients relies on several CODIX strong commitments as:

  • to provide true turnkey global solution (software, consulting services, trainings, handovers etc.)
  • to ensure a worldwide, high-quality level of support using remote maintenance.
  • to always support our customers in their growths by fully supporting and integrating all debt collection, commercial and consumer finance products flavors and market best practices.
  • to always watch the local regulations and laws and integrate them as standard enhancement of the solution in a very proactive approach
  • to provide a fully integrated solution, offering a large number of standard interfaces and APIs e. g. to accounting systems, information agencies, credit insurance companies etc.
  • to provide full analytical and statistical reporting and dashboarding capabilities via an integrated business universe
  • to provide high quality in all services based on a certified and applied quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015
Launching a product at the very moment when our Client thinks about it, is the competitive advantage of our Clients, and is made possible through the highly adaptive parameterization capabilities of iMX, as well as the unique ad-hoc (per Client) release strategy offered by CODIX.

Geographical expansion

CODIX’ geographical expansion has always been based on the following 2 axis:

Internal Expansion ‒ the CODIX team is staffed with about 850 professionals, located in 5 continents and 15 offices worldwide: France (Sophia-Antipolis, Nice and Paris), Bulgaria (Sofia), Mexico (Mexico City), USA (Atlanta), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Tunisia (Tunis), and several cities locally based experts: Morocco, Romania, Canada, Germany, Spain, Colombia, UK, Belgium and UAE. The CODIX project teams are always made of the most appropriate members worldwide with as primary selection criteria the expertise. CODIX staff is equally divided between business profiles and technical profiles, in order to fully support CODIX’ strong expertise in the business activities covered by the iMX solution.

External Expansion ‒ with thousands of iMX users in over 50 countries and 28 languages supported in production, CODIX continuously develops its worldwide presence and coverage. iMX is supported in multiple languages including: British English, US English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin and many more. The strategy is to cover any product worldwide and allow our Clients, at group level (over 50 group level implementation), to handle their global business in one centralized instance/database sharing business processes and processing, data and risk management while providing data partitioning features.

Based on its multi-business unit capabilities, iMX allows its clients to cover any country in the iMX same instance, adding new entities over time as per the internal roadmap. iMX allows mutualizing knowledge, competencies sharing and centralization.


CODIX activities are fully dedicated to the development, implementation and support 100% of its one and only solution: iMX.

A well proven set-up methodology and a professional project management guarantee the success of each project. CODIX ensures the full coverage of all needed steps during the project implementation of iMX, both in a Plug-and-Play approach or full Customization. All activities are followed by our project management office, from project kick-off to go-live, this for all Clients from all sizes, from SMEs to large international group integrations.

The project methodology includes a structured project organization with project management and project control level, a dedicated project director, assigned business and technical experts, functional and technical specifications and acceptance processes, regular meetings in the project management circle and project control circle, consistent recording and tracking of all project tasks in a ticket system, comprehensive test procedures and documentation before each delivery and much more.
All activities of CODIX are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which of course relies on an efficient and overarching internal quality management system.

CODIX is also an Oracle certified partner.

CODIX delivers its solution iMX either on premise or in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) in a secured Cloud hosting environment.

100% success 31 years

CODIX provides a very high level of commitment in each and every one of its implementation projects. The focus is always on the individual customer`s interests. This leads to 100% success rate of our projects going. CODIX will always do whatever it takes to bring any implementation to a successful completion, thanks to:

  • State-of-the art features, in iMX implemented through its 31 years of expertise and its largest and worldwide team of business experts
  • The fine-grained customizability of iMX enables CODIX customers to continuously improve their efficiency.
  • No external shareholders leading to constant investment in the iMX software solution with long term strategy and targets.
  • High quality, High reactivity: CODIX takes commitment to always address and cover any requirement in very short time frames, as much as possible as standard improvements on CODIX charge
  • iMX demonstrates flexibility, an unrivalled level of support and services.
Our best satisfaction indicator: All our Clients are our references!

Our Implementation Methodology

CODIX ensures the full coverage of all needed steps during the project implementation of iMX, both in a Plug-and-Play approach or full Customization. All activities are followed by our PMO, from project kick-off to go-live, this for all Clients from all sizes, from SMEs to large international group integrations.

Pre-contract framework study
Groups definition Details of each group (rules, texts)
Data exchange and specific forms & reports
iMX Expert System language
Technical Integration
On-site integration
Client validation
Start of production
Regular service validation period

Contact Information

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