Digitalisation of the financial sector: CODIX sets foot in Morocco

Morocco has developed as a regional business center and enjoys a stable and active economy. In this context, digitisation remains one of the main priorities for the financial sector. It is viewed as a key enabler in achieving inclusive growth and access to trade finance. Whilst the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital working capital solutions, some systemic issues still remain.

The question is: what are the immediate actions, rapid decisions, and long-term choices that the financial leaders have to make to both react to change, as well as to build resilience for the future?

The software provider CODIX, already present in various regions and countries around the globe, has set itself the ambitious goal of supporting this process and helping its clients worldwide cut through the noise, so as not to simply survive in the current challenging economic and geo-political environment, but to even thrive in it.

On 12 May the official opening of the CODIX Morocco office took place. During the cocktail dinner Ilia Kirilov, CEO of CODIX Group, personally introduced to the guests, chief executives and leaders of the financial sector in Morocco, the company’s all-in-one solution – iMX. He also presented the aims of the new Morocco office. He emphasised that nowadays financial leaders are forced to adapt quickly to the constantly changing global landscape by offering maximum level of flexibility in the usage and the customization of the systems, by ensuring full integration in any IT landscape, as well as a scalability from thousands to several millions of cases within a fully secure management environment. At the same time, the ideal IT system should cover any local regulation in any country, Ilia Kirilov said as he stressed that iMX is precisely such a powerful and flexible tool.

Created in 1993, CODIX is an international software company which has developed iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system. Its blend of technologies enables for all the business processes to be managed within a single technical structure that can easily be parameterised to meet each company’s specific needs. That is what makes it nowadays a leading software in several industries – Commercial Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Debt Collection, Accounts Receivable, Consumer Finance, Leasing, Credit Insurance, etc.

Multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-country, iMX is designed both for small and large businesses. The software solution is delivered in both SaaS/Cloud or On-premise model, with various levels of customisation adapted to each client’s specific context. It is designed to further improve the global operations productivity.

CODIX currently operates in 16 countries and its top-level multi-disciplinary team of over 850 professionals is dedicated to the constant evolution of the company’s one and only product. iMX is currently used in 28 languages by more than 50.000 users in 50 countries.

The new subsidiary in Morocco will allow CODIX to provide its existing and future Clients in the country with local contacts and support, in short it will ensure the company’s field presence. Aziz Iken, a seasoned Project and Teams Manager, with many years of experience in the banking industry, was appointed General Manager of CODIX Morocco.

This article was published in:, May 2022.

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