Meet Marusya Nenova

I am on my fourth year working for CODIX as a Factoring Business Analyst. Prior to that I used to work at Société Générale Factoring SA and UniCredit Factoring as a Relationship Manager Corporate Clients. There I had the opportunity to go deep throughout the whole banking process from start to finish: from prospecting the client to assessment and analysis of corporate customer profiles. By putting my factoring business education into practice in a corporate environment, I was increasingly drawn to the concept of this untraditional financial product. My acquaintance with CODIX gave me the chance to develop professionally and to face new challenges. Currently my main focus is on continually improving processes, identifying problems and helping meet the high demands of our clients.

As an international software provider which has created the unique technical solution for banking institutions and factoring companies – iMX, I saw in CODIX an exceptional opportunity for a different perspective in my area of expertise. This has proved to be the most rewarding experience in my professional career by now, as I can get to know the operating models of our clients – world-class banks and financial institutions.

My field of activity is an extremely colorful mix of responsibilities and complex tasks that inspire my algorithmic and logical thinking through gathering and analyzing data for various business company workflows. My day to day duties include working with workflow charts, exploring system capabilities, creating business specifications and designing modifications. Close collaboration with colleagues and international clients is crucial to the optimization and evolution of our product. With this solid foundation in place, I am able to provide advice based on a sound justification. I enjoy my work very much, and yet, the most valuable asset in CODIX for me is our team whose professionalism and friendly spirit create truly inspiring work atmosphere. I am happy to feel that my work makes a difference and I am really “part of the solution”.

The material is published in My Career Magazine, March, 2020.

Contact Information

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Immeuble Le Carat, 200 Rue du Vallon, Sophia-Antipolis,