Meet Yoana Miltenova

I have focused my career on the world of finance, starting with a degree in International Finance & Trade from the University of Portsmouth, England, followed by practical experience in the banking sector. I am currently working as a Business and System expert with a lead role in commercial finance projects for CODIX, one of the world’s leading software providers in this field.

My current position in the company allows me to put to good use my client-facing skills during the most interesting and dynamic phases of a given project. The first phase is the pre-sales one. This stage of the project implies active communication with clients and until the Covid-19 outbreak, I was travelling a lot, visiting various international conferences where we participated as sponsors, and animating pre-sales presentations and live demos. I had the chance to present our product to audiences of top managers in the financial world. This gave me very useful insights into the market, including the latest trends in the commercial finance industry and products. But the current situation requires changing traditional approaches and channels of interaction. Fortunately, our software is flexible enough and has allowed this transition to take place extremely smoothly, without any shocks for our team or our clients. So I am currently doing demo presentations to prospective clients online.

As a business expert, I am also involved in the actual project integration. That is a very exciting process where no two days are the same. My work aims to continually improve the functionalities of the software, identify issues, help meet the high demands of our clients, and liaise with CODIX’ outstanding teams of software experts.

Being part of CODIX’s team gives me great satisfaction, as I see how my knowledge, efforts and professionalism pay off and affect product development. CODIX gives me an exceptional opportunity to challenge myself, grow professionally, develop my skills and be part of the adventurous and dynamic journey in the world of commercial finance.

The material is published in My Career Magazine, September, 2020.

Contact Information

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