CODIX Supports The Automobile Raid 4l Trophy 2022


Four students, 3rd year in the Faculty of Medicine in Nice, France, have engaged in the 2022 4L Trophy automobile raid. It is first and foremost a humanitarian adventure, to support the access to education for children in the desert.

CODIX is proud to sponsor this noble initiative!

In May 2022, the 2 pilots, Louis and Sven, and the 2 co-pilots, Marie and Clara, two committed and solidary crews, will undertake the great humanitarian raid, with the aim of providing logistical and financial support, as well as sharing their medical knowledge with Moroccan children. They will cross Spain, then part of Morocco via the desert tracks. They will thus join the finish line in Marrakech from Biarritz and travel 6,500 km, wearing the colors of their proud sponsors, including CODIX, throughout this extraordinary journey.

Both crews have only a few months to organize this ambitious trip, continuing their third-year medical studies and numerous associative commitments. The preparations of our young team for the competition “4L Trophy” in favor of the children of Marrakech continue in full swing. Although due to the pandemic the event has been postponed from February until May, the determination of our four younkers is only strengthened and they are eagerly awaiting the launch of this exciting adventure, which aims to bring a humanitarian support to the children in Morocco.

With the help of CODIX and other sponsors, the two crews will collect and bring 80 kg of school and sports supplies, as well as foodstuffs to those in need. The four students in medicine will also share with Moroccan children some knowledge on subjects such as: sexual health, addictology, oral hygiene, washing hands. The two cars are mechanically ready, and are getting a final “facelift”.

We are infinitely happy to support and participate in this noble adventure as a sponsor and live a journey of solidarity with Louis, Marie, Sven and Clara. Because this raid, carried out by the association ‘4L Médical’ in collaboration with the association ‘Les Enfants du Désert’ and The French Red Cross, has one single goal: to help young people.

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