31 years of excellence in event-driven financial software

  • 2024
  • Today

    iMX is the leading software in several financial industries.

  • 2022

    Establishment of CODIX Middle East and CODIX Morocco

  • 2021

    New representation in the UK

  • 2019

    The company continues to expand, this time with a new representation in Colombia.

  • 2018

    CODIX’s regional support is strengthened further with our new local representations in Germany and Canada. Our very experienced and skilled business and iMX experts, project managers are acting both locally, regionally and globally, for our Clients, as any member of the CODIX Group.

  • 2016

    iMX has been extended with advanced consumer finance features. Those are backed-up by experienced experts and innovative technologies, resulting into a unique and powerful front to back consumer finance software.

  • 2015

    New representation in Romania is added.

  • 2014

    Advanced Leasing features added to iMX

  • 2013

    Creation of CODIX Spain and CODIX Mexico

  • 2012

    Extensive Loan-handling features added to iMX

  • 2011

    Syndication added to iMX

  • 2010
  • 2009

    iMX evolution with purchase financing, shipment financing, supply-chain financing, and Reverse

  • 2008

    Creation of CODIX USA and CODIX Vietnam

  • 2007

    First version of iMX for Factoring and Asset-Based Lending (ABL) is released live.

  • 2005
  • 2004

    CODIX extends the scope of iMX by creating an innovative factoring system which distinguishes itself from established ageing systems on the market.

  • 2003

    Creation of CODIX Tunisia

  • 2002

    Extension to Credit Insurance handling

  • 2001

    Accounts receivable management

  • 2000
  • 1998

    Creation of CODIX Bulgaria

  • 1995
  • 1994

    Extension to Consumer Finance and Leasing

  • 1993

    Creation of CODIX on October 14 and First version of iMX commercialized (for Debt Collection)

  • 1991

    Launch of the creation of iMX

  • 1990

Contact Information

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