Meet Georgi Kudinev

I’ve graduated Computer Sciences from Sofia University. When I was 4th grade student with less than 2 years of experience I started work at CODIX as a Software Developer. This choice was easy. CODIX was a mid-size international company with a few branches developing its own unique software solution – iMX. No outsourcing. The office was (and still is) perfectly located in Business Park Sofia next to the Sofia Ring road and nowadays right next to a metro station.

My first team leader was a great professional. He flawlessly taught me on Oracle PL/SQL and I quickly improved my university SQL skills as well. I’d been working as a developer for 3,5 years when I was invited in a newly created team – “Performance & Tuning”. It was a great opportunity to master Oracle database, DB settings, indexes, query execution plans, profiling tools, etc. Tuning iMX was a great pleasure and gave me overall view of the system. That means millions of lines of code. Three years later I was invited to become a Software Architect in the “Concept & Design” team. It was a new challenge. The knowledge of iMX and my good communication skills helped me design new functionalities in a close collaboration with Business Experts and Senior Developers. Now, 10 years after I joined CODIX, I’m the Team Leader of “Concept & Design” team, hiring Software, Database and REST API Architects. I help them integrate in CODIX’s big international family and work for such a flexible, secure, robust and efficient product as iMX.

At present CODIX is a global company with branches and clients all over the world. It’s a great place to work and develop for all kind of Software Engineers thanks to the variety of the used technologies and the friendly atmosphere. Among the most used programing languages in our company are: C/C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Angular, PHP.

The material was published in My Career Magazine, November, 2019

Contact Information

+33(4)89 87 77 77
Immeuble Le Carat, 200 Rue du Vallon, Sophia-Antipolis,