Supply Chain Finance Summit 2020


The Group Managing Director of CODIX, Laurent Tabouelle, will attend the 5th Supply Chain Finance Summit, 30-31st January 2020, in the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam. He will give an introductory speech on the second day of the conference.

The Supply Chain Finance Summit focuses on the transformation of the industry and the latest innovations for both domestic and cross-border financing. It examines the future of technology-enabled supply chain models, and steers the conversation towards increasing SCF access for SMEs and emerging markets. This year, the SCF summit also brings together corporate treasurers, CFOs, heads of the procurement and supply chain, etc. The SCF Summit will bring together global industry practitioners representing all stakeholders, including: global banks & supply chain finance platforms, auditors, ratings agencies, legal & insurance experts, technology providers & fintechs, corporate treasurers, financial directors & heads of procurement.

This year’s agenda of the event includes:

  • World trade overview: An analysis of the potential outcomes in a febrile geo-political environment

This session will explore the likely impact of the US/China trade war and Brexit on the global supply chain finance market. What could be the consequences of trade credit risks for buyers and countries? An expert evaluation will be made of the possible trade relations with the UK and UK buyers and suppliers after Brexit.

  • The future of sustainability and ethical supply chain finance;
  • Supply chain finance market global insights and overview:

Supply chain finance is very much part of the coming evolution of the financing of international trade with new entrants carving out differentiated value propositions. This session will focus on market changes over the past year. It will look at new SCF initiatives and examine if trade as an asset class is holding up.

  • Gazing into the future of technology: has the promise of digitalization been fulfilled;
  • Developing SCF markets in Latin America and Asia:

This session will examine how corporates can lower manufacturing costs in emerging markets, navigate the regional regulatory and compliance requirements and find the right supply chain finance platform provider for their program.

  • Supply Chain Finance 2021: The roadmap ahead.

*The international event is organized by BCR Publishing – the world’s leading provider of receivables finance market intelligence. BCR creates and delivers essential news, reports and events, examining the future of receivables finance, factoring, alternative finance, supply chain finance, working capital management and trade receivables securitisation. BCR’s global clients include leading commercial banks, factors, invoice discounters, corporates, fintechs and AltFin platforms, credit insurers, law firms, brokers and consultants. BCR is also a partner of the main industry trade bodies and development banks.

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