Eurofinas & Leaseurope Annual Convention 2023


CODIX will take part as a sponsor and exhibitor in the 2023 Eurofinas & Leaseurope Annual Convention which this year will be taking place in Vienna, Austria, on 5 and 6 October. Representatives of CODIX's top management will share their views on the role of leasing technology in the context of constantly shifting market conditions and expectations, as well as the key priorities that the leasing and consumer credit sectors will need to address in the coming years and beyond.

How consumers and businesses engage with lenders has already changed radically in recent years with digitalisation of the application and loan management processes. Delegates will discuss how digital processes and tools that involve collecting, sharing, and using data in new ways in the fields of leasing and consumer finance can thrive and take advantage of a newly developing and rapidly expanding regulatory framework.

These and many other topical issues are part of the rich agenda of the convention, incl.:

  • Leasing in Europe and beyond – State of play and outlook
  • Consumer credit – State of play and outlook
  • Navigating the Shifting Landscape: Automotive Finance and Mobility in the Era of Change
  • Regulatory Framework: Navigating the interplay and implications of evolving frameworks
  • Driving the Green Transition: Leasing and Rental Companies as Catalysts for Sustainability
  • More

Business leaders, industry experts and regulators – from all over Europe and beyond, the conference is widely recognized as the largest and the most important annual gathering for European leasing, car rental and consumer credit communities. Two events are held in parallel at the same location in order to offer a unique meeting platform for business leaders active in these sectors.

The Annual Convention of the European Leasing and Automotive Rental Industries is organised by Leaseurope, the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations, representing the leasing, long term and short term automotive rental industries in Europe.

The Annual Convention of the European Consumer Credit Industry is organised by Eurofinas, the European Federation of Finance House Associations, representing consumer credit providers in Europe.

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