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Debt Collection Software

With full multi lingual and multi currency support, the iMX software is a global, powerful and flexible solution that is capable of managing large volumes based on Expert System business rules.

Based on the latest available technologies, the iMX Solution not only includes all the most advanced business functionalities to completely manage your business, but also all the integrated tools you need to improve your global productivity: word processing, e-mail, SMS, telephony, imaging, fax and decisional environment.


Here are some of our mayor references in the field of Debt Collection:

Debt-Collection-Codix-iMX-Software-Solution-References CGI Euler Hermes Société de prêt Cofinoga Banco Cetelem Fiducre STB Bank CEGC Mobistar INWI BNPP PF BG Ooredoo GDF SUEZ Crédit Agricole Leasing CSF Atradius BKCP AGS Pole-emploi Bocchio Natixis Financement Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Finaref Orange Lease Sofinco ByTel

BKCP (CRÉDIT MUTUEL Group) www.bkcp.be
CA Leasing (Crédit Agricole Group) www.ca-leasing.fr
CETELEM www.cetelem.fr and COFINOGA (BNP PARIBAS Group) www.cofinoga.fr
CGI (Société Générale Group) www.credit-cgi.fr
Credit Agricole Consumer Finance (SOFINCO www.sofinco.com, FINAREF www.finaref.com)
Banco Cetelem www.cetelem.es
EULER HERMES www.eulerhermes.com
FIDUCRE (ING Group) www.fiducre.be
Orange Lease www.orange.com, MOBISTAR www.mobistar.be
SCP BOCCHIO www.scp-bocchio.com, SOCIÉTÉ TUNISIENNE DE BANQUE www.stb.com.tn
Pole Emploi (Assurances Garantie des Salaires) www.pole-emploi.fr
Natixis Financement www.natixis.com and CEGC www.c-garanties.com
GDF SUEZ www.engie.com

Codix Strategy

Delivery of complete and integrated systems:

Geographical expansion:

Total control of developments and projects management by CODIX:

High commitment in all projects leading to a 100% success over 14 years:

We are able to provide the list with coordinates of all project managers on our clients’ side!

CODIX ‘s Clients control totally the budget of an iMX project:

The cost of the personalization of each iMX implementation is always at fixed price!

The iMX Software Solution

Using the most advanced and reliable technologies (Unix, Oracle tools, Web architecture), the iMX solution is based on powerful concepts allowing to deliver the most global, powerful and flexible IT solution available:

Complete functional coverage of AR, Debt Collection and Legal for:

Debt Collection Software

The heart of iMX is an Expert System – i.e. a system able to integrate any rules (management, workflow, calculation, invoicing, etc.). This technology allows to automate numerous processes - obviously increasing the productivity – and ensures that all present or future rules in your Company can be managed by the system.

Native integration in iMX of all known media based only on CODIX developments

(it means that the cost of integration of any module is null):

Other modules included:

Totally Multi Currencies and Multi languages

Support of local specificities and regulations

CODIX is able to deliver a solution:


Тo learn more details about iMX Debt Collection Software please download the documentation:

Debt Collection Legal<p><strong>CODIX</strong> documentations:</p>