Ereignisgesteuerte Systeme für Unternehmensmanagement
Integrated and customizable tools SOLUTIONS



The introduction of a software solution that is so focused on users’ needs cannot be carried out in the same way as for conventional software packages. A rigorous set-up methodology has proved to be necessary and Codix’s methodology is based on the professional expertise, experience and technical skills of our consultancy and development teams.

Professional Expertise:

Each basic module of iMX features all of the CODIX technologies along with the « operational layer » specific to each Client. It consists of various functionalities corresponding to each activity and a "Sample Expert System". The latter will be either used as delivered or totally or partially redefined to match the expertise and the needs of each company.

Integration of an iMX system with the Client's Information System:

Constraints and requirements define which standard interfaces, "data piece" forms and reports are used. At this stage too, the solution's openness facilitates easier implementation of the specific developments required to meet each Client's needs.